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Student Management Council

September 2011 - September 2013


St Paul's College

November 2012 - Present

We were a group of 18 students from grade 11 to 12, led by a senior co-ordinator, Mrs Karen Le Roux. We were selected by the school to represent it and to perform various activites. These included discipline, organising events such as grade events, the grade 8 orientation programme, Valentine's Day celebrations, Valentine's dance and the Independence Day celebrations. We assisted in parents' evenings and at general events like the school's 50th birthday celebrations in 2012. Personally, in 2011 to 2012 I undertook the social portfolio and played a large role in organising social events for the school. In 2013 I undertook the marketing portfolio and had to communicate with the stuents about events and update them about what was happening in and around the school.

I feel I have gained many virtues through being a representative of the school for the past two years, such as time management, dedication, organisational skills, working under pressure, dealing with criticism, and social skills. I believe that it is necessary to have to perform duties which might be slightly unpleasant in order to gain such valuable experience.

Other interests or experiences

• Private German exchange

In May 2012 I visited some family friends in Wiesbaden, Germany for one month. I went to school for a week and a half in order to be exposed to the experience of attending school in a European country. I only spoke German in the duration for which I was in Germany. I visited various German cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne and Erlangen. I feel like I gained much cultural experience and social skills through my experience there and my abilities in the language drastically improved. It taught me to overcome my fear of being embarrassed about not being able to speak a language absolutely fluently and to make friends with people in a place where I knew only one person of my age. I also learnt to be independent as I often travelled by bus or by train alone and had to find my way around large...

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St Paul's College


St Paul's College

Warren's Tennis School

St George's Diocesan Preparatory School

Tanya Bruckner

Stellenbosch, WC, South Africa