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General Skills Share

- Verification of Certificate of Compliance issued for Specialized Installations (Hazardous Locations)
- Act as Third Party Specialist for any Hazardous Location
- Recommendations on ‘’Ex’’ equipment selection and installation
- High quality Area Classifications Drawings (New & Review)
- Practical & Theoretical Assessment of artisans working in hazardous areas against NQF Unit Standards
- Electrical Artisan assessments & registrations
- Accredited CompEx Licence Centre for South Africa

Specialties:- Hazardous Location Training Facility Accredited by ESETA (Accreditation No.- ENER-HOgZC510101118).
- International Accredited CompEx Licence Centre No. 16B (Only one in Africa)
- Assist in Hazardous Area Classifications (New & Review) and any modification or upgrading of hazardous area equipment selection
- Conducting Legal Compliance Audits on equipment in hazardous locations.
- Accredited Inspection Authority for all types of Electrical Installations
- International CompEx Assessor/Trainer

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Max Koen's Work Experience

HAZLOC (www.hazloc.co.za)

Managing Member & International CompEx Assessor & Trainer (September 2008 - Present)

- Proved an explosion prevention consultation function to national and international clients in the oil, gas, petrochemical sector and industrial sector.
- Present various levels of national & international accredited training course regarding hazardous location awareness, introduction, maintenance and inspections and advanced training.
- Budget planning and monitoring of cost outflow.
- Managing medium business related issues like personnel and costs
- Do legal explosion prevention equipment compliance audits according to SANS 10086 and IEC 60079:14 & 17 to determine equipment compliance according to hazardous area classification in order to assist legal appointee General Machine Regulation 2(1) with responsibility as per OHS Act.
- Updating of all statutory inspections lists on equipment installed in hazardous locations as prescribed in the OHS Act and national codes and specifications.
- Stay abreast with new technology as per professional registrations.
- Updating / drafting of hazardous area classification drawings
- Compile audit reports and suggest actions for implementation for corrective actions.
- Facilitate and conduct hazardous area classifications according to SANS 10108, IEC 60079:10-1 & 10-2, IP 15 (UK) and API 505 (USA).
- Feedback reports to customers GMR 2(1) appointee regarding Hazardous Area Classifications, Modifications and reviews.
- Facilitate Hazardous Area Classifications, Modifications and reviews.
- Investigation of incidents in Hazardous Locations.
- Controlling and governance of Certificates of Compliance (C.O.C.)
- Provide various types of accredited Hazardous Location training to customers national and international through local in-house training as well as CompEx training.
- Consultation on equipment selection and area classification process to various clients.
- HAZLOC is currently the only International Accredited CompEx training facility in Africa.
- Design and updating of company website (www.hazloc.co.za)

SA SMTS (Ltd) Pty

Executive Director (April 2013 - Present)

Executive Director for the new South Africa Branch of SMTS (Pty) Ltd for Health and Safety Consulting, Management, Training and Advisory for a broad range of industries with courses including Safety Passport (Safety Passport Alliance), Construction, Petroleum Downstream, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Health Care and more at both National and International levels.

HSE Training and Consultancy Courses:-

NEBOSH Courses:
• International General Cert.
• International Construction Cert.
• International Fire Safety Cert.
• Award in Health and Safety at Work

IOSH Courses:
• Directing Safely
• Managing Safely
• Working Safely

General Safety Courses:
• Work at Height Safety and Awareness
• Emergency Procedures
• Risk Assessment
• Accident Reporting, Recording & Investigation
• Health and Safety Policy Writing
• Asbestos Awareness Training
• Manual Handling
• Fire Safety Training

Specialist Safety Courses:
• Safety Passport Alliance Scheme
• Electrical Safety in Hazardous Environments

Face-to-face training at your premises
Contact us for more information @ www.SMTSgroup.com

South African Flameproof Assosiation

Executive -; Management -; Organizing - & Steering Committee Member (January 2002 - Present)

The South African Flameproof Association is a non profit body, and is an association of companies involved in explosion prevention/protection techniques for equipment used in hazardous atmospheres in industry and mining. It comprises almost 200 member companies which include both end users and manufacturers, as well as relevant government bodies and equipment testing houses. The association has branches in Gauteng (Johannesburg) Kwa Zulu Natal (Durban) and the Cape (Cape Town).

Sasol, Hazardous Location Centre

Explosion Prevention Specialist, Practitioner to Consultant (Level 8 - 6) (May 2003 - August 2008)

- Proved an expertise support function to various Sasol business units in the Sasol Group of Companies national.
- Branch manager for satellite branch situated at Sasol Secunda site.
- Searching for new business opportunities.
- Budget planning and monitoring of cost outflow.
- Up dating of various Access databases for record keeping as well as doing database software support to other business units that also make use of my databases. SAP Motor Information System.
- Updating of Hazardous Location Centre web page on the Intranet & Internet.
- Updating of all electrical drawings for submitting to drawing office.
- The doing of monthly audits on the Safety System as well as the implementing of new revisions and modifications to the electronic inspection lists via macros.
- Auditing maintenance systems and seeing that the certificates are in order and in place for the hazardous inspections done on all electrical equipment installed as well as new equipment bought and submit report findings to GMR 2(1) appointee.
- Ensuring that hazardous electrical equipment is according to standard with appropriate certificates for the Sasol Group of Companies.
- Updating of all statutory inspections lists on hazardous electrical equipment and apparatus for the Sasol Group of Companies as scribed in the OHS Act and national codes and specifications.
- Develop strategies for the Hazardous Location Centre.
- Approval of modification documentation.
- Evaluate and compile audit reports and implement corrective actions.
- Development of internal company procedures
- Compiling of Hazardous Location training manuals
- Feedback reports to customers GMR 2(1) appointee regarding Hazardous Area Classifications, Modifications and reviews.
- Facilitate Hazardous Area Classifications, Modifications and reviews.
- Ensuring that all new projects conform to the applicable standards within Sasol.

Sasol Infrachem (Sasolburg)

Electrical Artisan up to Specialist Electrician (Level 8) (June 1992 - May 2003)

- Attend to electrical fault finding problems in the Gasification -, Coal handling and gas recovery plant. Attend to breakdowns, maintenance & planning. Purchasing of spares and liaison with suppliers and contractors.
- Maintaining the 11kV / 525V power distribution network and doing switching when required. Maintaining of 4 Matla UPS systems.
- Manage all electrical contractors on site that do outsourced work, also do electrical audits on site.
- Responsible for electrical projects regarding commissioning, workmanship, quality standards and safety regulations.
- Responsible for the explosion protected equipment regarding the inspection and documentation thereof.
- Document control, drawing updates, plant electrical safety training.
- Acting as Electrical Section Manager when manager is on leave or on courses

Sasol Infrachem (Sasolburg)

Trainee Electrician (August 1990 - July 1992)

- Completed 21 months apprentice training & development.
- Did multi skilled course in welding & process control.

South African Police Service, HQ Pretoria, operated nationwide in South Africa

SAP Unit 19 (Public Order Police Service - POPS) Constable (December 1987 - September 1990)

A specialised unit which dealt with Counter insurgency, Riot control as well as support to the SAPS Task Force nationwide. SAPS established an elite anti-terrorist unit known as Unit 19 or a Special Task Force. It went by many names at the time, including Divisional Reaction Unit. It played an important role in the training of the police Riot Units established at more or less the same time. Based in several centres around the country, its recruits were drawn largely from those with counter-insurgency training. Forty Units, with over 7000 members, were operating throughout South Africa by 1994. After 1994 the smaller units was integrated and units were strategically positioned across South Africa under the name Public Order Police Service (POPS) with the Unit 19 base as the HQ.

Max Koen's Education

South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)

Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Trainer for Petrol Forecourts

Appointed as Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Trainer for the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) Petrol Forecourt SPA course.

Justice and Constitutional Development

Commissioner of Oaths (Reg. No. 9/1/8/2) (April 2013)

JTL Certified Body (UK)

International Approved CompEx Assessor & Trainer (Reg. No. 111) (September 2010)


Registered Assessor (ETQA ID: 583-A1010-1958) (August 2010)


Project Management (April 2003)

Standards South-Africa (STANSA)

Technical Commitee TC 65 Member (February 2003)

Serve on Standards South African Explosion Prevention National Task Committee which include revising and updating of standards and specifications

Technical High School

(November 1987)

Matric (National Certificate)

South African National Committee for IEC

Technical Committee TC 31 Member (February 2003)

South African National Committee for Explosion Prevention International Task Committee, representing South Africa on International European Committees (IEC) with adopting and revising IEC standards and specifications

Department of Manpower (DOL)

Master Installation Electrician (Reg. No. 1251) (May 2001)

Sasolburg Technical College

Intertek (UK)



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